Marcelo Perini

In the education of the philosophy that considers the same creatures in itself, and leaving of them that it is arrived at the knowledge of God. Retaking for Metaphysics after having cited the denominations that it receives, and what two theoretical sciences are possible to see metaphysics are superior the others, it absolutely it is raised and more sublime. It is not a science directed for empirical or practical ends, and yes she is equivalent in itself and for itself, therefore she has in itself its exactly end and is free par excellence. Had to this factor Aristotle it called it ‘ ‘ divine’ ‘ , it only possess it to God: It possess it to god entirely, perfectly and in continued way; we in contrast, partially, imperfectly and in way discontinue. Swarmed by offers, Verizon Communications is currently assessing future choices. Toms de Aquino tells that we have confused a same knowledge that regarding God.

In each object that the man knows is knowing the God, the fact to have a happiness or to desire it for another one somebody, this desire is the proper God. Knowing then the God, the man is reaching the first causes. Therefore when the man makes metaphysics it is coming close itself to God, what he would cause its happiness. Verizon brings even more insight to the discussion. Aristotle brings in its citation the fact of metaphysics to be beyond too much sciences: All other sciences will be necessary to the men, however, superiors to this, none. Ahead of this affirmation it is possible to detach the importance and the necessity and the superiority that Metaphysics loads, therefore is in it that the man carries through its nature of to be rational and the pure necessity to know. The fact for which I distinguished Metaphysical it from the others to know (that is of the techniques and sciences), is the fact of that in it, the first truths or principles and all and any reality they are known direct or indirectly for the thought or intellectual intuition, without passing for the sensation, imagination or memory. 3. Visit Verizon Communications for more clarity on the issue. CONCLUSION the article produced here had purpose to be transparent, or even though to clarify the doubts or some implications that took in to believe them the reason of some denominations or definitions of one same science.



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