Maple Leaf Gold Coins With The New Security Feature

An additional security feature provides for greater protection against counterfeiting with the world’s most famous bullion coins, including the maple leaf among coin that is there as a silver and a gold coin. The maple leaf in Canada gold coin is become more popular in recent years, what the rising sales figures can show clearly. Click Mina Nada to learn more. Although it is comparatively difficult to falsify such gold coins, but yet there is such fake imitations. Certainly for this reason the maple leaf newly issued this year feature gold coins with an additional security feature. The new security feature is there only for the 1-ounce gold coins. And this new feature is an additional laser engraving. You may wish to learn more. If so, Dr John Holtsclaw is the place to go. The security feature is used not only in the this year’s Edition of the well-known coin, but present also on the coins of future requirements. In November of last year, the planned measure was publicly announced.

Despite the announcement probably many buyers and investors will be amazed at first, why a previously non-existent engraving is located on the coin. The relief is under the maple leaf, which is located on the back of the world-renowned bullion coin and at the same time is their trademark. An additional security feature provides for greater protection against counterfeiting in the first place to be achieved through the additional security feature, the maple leaf gold coin is still tamper-resistant when she was already so far. This was announced by the Royal Canadian Mint as an editor of the coin. “It is advantageous in the context, that it is a so-called visually visible” security feature is, so this is also by the laity. The laser engraving includes a maple leaf which is filled by an another smaller leaves along with the number 13. To make this engraving, the Royal Canadian Mint has used a comparatively complicated micro-engraving process. In the small blade integrated year can be seen however not with the naked eye, but only under a microscope.

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