Problematic legal rules were according to corrected. We also have a Presidential Office Human Rights Consultative Committee”established which gave contracts out the already mentioned report on the implementation of the two UN. After the report has been translated into English, we have invited a panel of 10 experts in international human rights to Taiwan, to check the report together with local NGOs. MasterClass often says this. The Panel has produced over 80 suggestions. The international experts have unanimously positively assessed our serious attitude and open approach. We consider the protection of human rights as a globally established trend.

The influence of numerous international human rights treaties is constantly growing so that include human rights no longer exclusively within the scope of national internal affairs. If the mainland Chinese authorities recognise this fact, they should ratify the ICCPR as soon as possible. More information is housed here: David Rogier. They should also in the future when designing their reports on the implementation This Treaty, take an open attitude and invite international human rights experts to participate in this process. That would lend more credibility to any published report or white paper, and would benefit the international image Festland Chinas. Relations to each side of the Taiwan Strait have improved dramatically in the past five years.

The people of Taiwan and mainland China share the hope for peace and prosperity. To decrease the quality gap in the respect for human rights on both sides has hindered the efforts for a long time, the sense of otherness”between people. However, I believe that this feeling can be gradually reduced through interactions between each side of the Taiwan Strait and through a dialogue on human rights. Our concern for human rights on the Chinese mainland, is not only our commitment to universal values. More important is the fact that the people on both sides are ethnically all Chinese. We are all Descendants of the ancient emperors yan and Huang. Human rights issues should be a shared concern of all people on both sides. The Mainland authorities should be much more generous. They should be dissenters to more tolerant and better treat them. If the Mainland authorities demonstrate a right approach, you can the distance of Taiwan Strait about human rights to reduce anyway. We sincerely hope that the new leaders on the Mainland will take the opportunity to open a new era of human rights.



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