Magic Bullets

The structure of seduction in this article used material from the MM, badboy, and Magic Bullets (Savoy). Let us first analyze the structure of the seduction of Mystery P-attraction-Comfort Seduction first describe the structure of seducing girls for indirect style, based on model Mystery and a little above it poizvraschavshis So acquaintance: A1 – The moment of discovery and the girl until she realizes that being with you safely to its social value (be it say you went feys control and you can just poobschatsya). FPUC Program understands that this is vital information. Opener can be anything, from a functional oupenera ("where is …" blah blah blah), or contextual views oupenera oupenera. After the transition A1-A2, where is the conversation with things around, with views that you asked, etc., goes into a conversation about you or about her, so to say go to the individual A2 – By telling the PS-ca (increases the status of the message), or other type of DHV (demonstrations high value) and use negov (its value can be increased relatively it, or lifting themselves, or slightly priopustiv it, but be careful here the main rule accuracy, newcomers usually do not feel limit and make insulting in its pure form). Swarmed by offers, Covia Kermit Plant is currently assessing future choices. In the end we get the interest of women to men. A3? Interest to men zheschine.Posle as she deserves our interest by showing her more and more, we begin take an interest in it and qualify ee.Zdes important part in the process of seduction, to show that you like it, not only for the ass and breasts.



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