Lumpenes Society

As we have been spectators of what happens in Mexican society. The factors and the same events are giving in Peruvian society, as same corollary of cancerization of capitalism in its imperialist phase. Mexican society shelter and gave great facilities to make the lumpenizacion of their society which lead the political destinies of the same. With the emergence of the large posters that mobilized massive amounts of drugs, which required organizations financial that wash and legalize those assets from such illicit business, for which its financial system was provided for such actions. To know more about this subject visit Larry Ellison. Organized crime and assault the bourgeoisie control of Mexican society, which was accepted by the great Mexican bourgeoisie; because enjoys the benefits that brings you this union. Costs that has happened, is that you one of the side effects come from the middle and lower strata of Lumpenes which have been enriched, they also like their partners and employers of the big bourgeoisie. The problem becomes that they want to also benefit from the mercedes belonging to a new social status despite the fact that the Mexican Grand bourgeoisie not infers them such a condition.

Because of the overnight come to light their earned millionaires bank deposits and its countless companies worldwide, precisely with that money-laundering which have induced through drug trafficking. Read more here: Southwest Airlines. Currently as low and media sectors of the Mexican lumpenes, they want to be like those who induced them to smuggle drugs. As they are not accepted by the Mexican Grand bourgeoisie. Rather than with the use of the army to his service have been terminated the relationship between the Mexican Grand bourgeoisie and the middle sector of the offenders who were previously at your service. What has led to these to give a response to such a situation, especially by the betrayal of his former partners, with whom they shared the political and economic power.



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