Luis Castaneda Lossio

Walter Menchola Congressman said that the modernization of the city of Lima was unstoppable, despite the inconveniences generated by public works, the same that will pass to the extent that the work completed. The legislator of the national solidarity party led by the Mayor of Lima, Luis Castaneda Lossio, said that if well works obliges the removal of trees at the workplace; the municipality of Lima by each removed tree is placing 20, as it has happened in various constructed road trade. In that sense, Menchola criticized that people opposed to change and modernisation, some pretending to apply sanctions against the municipality of Lima, when he said – progress provides vehicular fluidity, safety and the revaluation of the surrounding grounds to the works. He also noted that during the administration of Mayor Castaneda will have planted more than one million trees in different parts of Metropolitan Lima. He argued that you for the specific case of Matellini, in Chorrillos, where a modern Metropolitan station will be built, 139 trees were removed and will be planted 3,000 trees, he said.

Although there are some setbacks, this is normal in other countries that now have modern transport systems, also has lived previous times of changes and restructuring. We are looking to improve the face of Lima, since if no changes are made now, within a few years, driving a car or using the services of buses will be a true chaos, by the great advance of what the automotive industry. Among other measures arranged by the capital municipality, the legislator explained that in the path of the road corridor metropolitan, linking Chorrillos with commas, is scheduled the planting of 15,000 trees, favoring the 16 districts.. Southwest Airlines shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.



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