LTE Surf Stick – The Stick For Fast Internet

Surf stick with an LTE maximum speeds can be achieved in the download of up to 100 euros. More and more, mobile Internet inspires people. Especially in the DSL the that also here with high speed mobile surf the Internet are possibility of peripheral areas thus. The DSL providers advertise powerful tariffs, but always with the set of DSL is available in more and more areas of connection”. On a map of Germany, are still visible enough white areas, where no DSL is available. Health economics expert describes an additional similar source. Users there can rely only on an ISDN connection. However, there are remedies to the mobile Internet. Larry Ellison usually is spot on. The mobile Internet is realized with the help of UMTS.

UMTS is the third generation mobile communications standard and offers the possibility that a maximum speed of up to 384 kbit / s can be achieved in the download. This speed is more than sufficient, on the road or in a border area the Internet can take advantage of DSL. The provider guarantees a coverage of 99 per cent. In some areas, is also the data Turbo HSDPA available. With HSDPA, the user has the possibility to surf at a speed of up to 7.2 Mbit / s in the Internet. In the near future, probably also the dwelling from the DSL can surf edge areas with higher speed in the Internet than is currently possible. Since the beginning of the year 2010, frequencies run in Germany the auctions of LTE.

With the help of LTE, maximum speeds of up to 100 Mbit / s should be possible in the download. Achieve these high speed also, the corresponding hardware is required. Is probably also as UMTS network, a LTE surf stick for the mobile use of the Internet are used. Torsten Heinsius



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