Long Term Car Hire: Flexible Fleet Solutions For Enterprises

Leasing or renting long are flexible fleet solutions for companies. The car next to the House is the biggest investment in the life of a normal citizen and companies with active sales and delivery of the fleet represents one of the major items on the cost side. Therefore, in the past, there has been various models to avoid the high cost of investment in vehicles and pay only for the usage. This avoids the accumulation of high amounts of dead capital on the one hand, on the other hand are free in case of company funds for productive investment. Leasing has been so far the drug of choice, it has the advantage that the cost of this immediately can be deductible specifically for businesses. Also, usually with another partner as the Bank completes the vehicle leasing, i.e.

protects the line of credit and business margins are preserved. In an ideal way, a leasing vehicle satisfies the requirement that an asset at least the yield account must, which covers its cost. Because the leasing rates remain unchanged during the period, the company is independent of interest rate movements and the entrepreneur can plan long term. At this point begins the new form of financing the car long term rental: you has the same benefits as the auto-leasing. However the long term rental car ready the company in addition the cost factors such as transfer and registration. In addition, no taxes and liability and fully comprehensive insurance become due. Additional costs such as repair and maintenance costs are also payable by the car rental company and have been settled with the payment of the rental fee.

Any failure of the vehicle the car rental company provides a replacement vehicle promptly. To keep the cost low for a long term car rental, long-term planning is needed because often certain discounts are granted a longer-term rental of vehicles. On the other hand can rental cars from as little as 1 month rental period for short-term Projects are hired. Many providers specialize in auto long term rental service commercial customers, because individuals often only short book a rental car. Jordi Fernandez-Garcia

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