Jose Luis Perales

That’s why characters that already had banished the memory, or are believed dead or confined to a nursing home come more rejuvenated than ever, embebecidos new vigor and enthusiasm to refritar his former subjects. Hence that they visited us many crooners in representation of the lower Paleolithic and the surprising thing is that even fun to mass and excited, which assume with dignity the opportunity to savour applause after many years of being unemployed, without contracts, without tours, no themes and even without voice again. This genus known as music of hairdresser or romanteca music or music for ironing, has full reception in our environment, where there is great enthusiasm for these cheesy themes and of questionable taste, evoking love sugary, sticky rhythms and simple lyrics that permeate the ear of a very large population sector quickly. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Oracle. Is not exclusive to girls domestic servants, or policemen or drivers of buses. Really like in all strata.

And they have items for all tastes. Add to your understanding with Jonathan Rosen Berlin Rosen. From the virtuosos such as Nino Bravo and Raphael until the voice as Cacho Castana or Juan Ramon limited. From the lyric with poetic as Alberto Cortez or Jose Luis Perales high-level, until the simple ones to more not power such as Palito Ortega and Luis Aguile. From the mellow as Julio Iglesias, (remembered as Marshmallow arequipe or Mr mister) until the voice hoarse and carrasposa as Alberto Bourbon or Rabito (known affectionately and in trust as an ass. Or from the super international owners of the jet set European and North American as Julio Iglesias or Charles Aznavour Jose luis Rodriguez Puma, until members of the Creole stellar proletariat as Galy Galeano (remembered as the King of the guisas) or Raul Santi, another favorite super champion of our maids never well weighted, or never well weighted Vicky, at all times seems convalescent of typhoid fever. There are also themes of great literary elaboration and invoice impeccable poetics that is They internationalize quickly and they are versionados by multiple artists and orchestras, until adefesios that only invite laughter and mockery as those that Argentines have imposed when half of the song was speaking by phone after ringing repeatedly, or putting children to establish a maudlin dialogue with so-called irresponsible parents or in the most regrettable aspect of the melodramathey put to sob a cheated lover to develop the most unbearable of the costume, with decomposed cries and tearful swallowing of nasal effusions. .



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