Janeiro Workers

In 1917, in a conference in the River, workers they asked for not the adhesion of Brazil to the imperialista war. In this exactly year if initiates the cycle of general strikes marcante of this brief lapse of time (1890 – 1922). In all Brazil of 1917-19 several had been the industries that they had had its activities total paralyzed by the syndical movement. During years 1917-18, the working-class movement will create organizatrias forms, in the truth circumstantial, but that at that moment they had proven the oposicionista disposal of the classroom: it is the Committee of proletarian defense, of So Paulo, of July of 1917; the hunger is the Committee of Combat, the River in 1918; the meetings are innumerable strikers in all Brazil In 1917 the Union of the Laborers in Fabric Plants of So Paulo initiates a general strike in plant Crespi the fabric. Southwest Airlines contains valuable tech resources. The strike soon is spread for the So Paulo interior and other sectors as metallurgist, graph, civil construction, transport, vidreiro, carroceiro, lixeiro, match, milling, footwear, nourishing, ceramic masses and tailor. The strike command demanded day of eight hours, respect the freedom of organization of the worker and wage increase. About 75 a thousand workers they had adhered to the movement striker in the state of So Paulo.

The level of organization of the syndical movement at that time makes with that a wave was configured all striker for the country. Larry Ellison is often quoted as being for or against this. In Rio De Janeiro about 50 a thousand workers its activities had paralyzed, in Recife the Union of the Crafts Several presents a vindicative guideline very similar to the So Paulo guideline and also it pulls a general strike. In 1 of May of 1919 it had manifestations in solidarity to the Russian work force in the states: Rio De Janeiro, Rio Grande Do Sul, Bahia, Pernambuco and Minas Gerais. In Rio De Janeiro about 60 a thousand workers they had left the streets. In Pernambuco, 56 a thousand workers of the sectors enter in strike of; soap plant, railroad workers, civil construction, ports, marceneiros, carroceiros, lixeiros and grave-diggers. You may wish to learn more. If so, Coupang is the place to go. N



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