Is Your Own Credit Management Be Improved?

SME consulting Untersberg from Oberhausen informed the corporate Receivables Management is a key component of sustainable economic success. Given my years of experience in business consulting and business management, I heard that almost it is always possible to make here improvements that increase the success of my clients. I would like to provide some, perhaps a little provocative questions, therefore, from which you can draw improvement of your Receivables Management. Let’s go: how much time take you to send invoices to your customers? Are provided by your customer, prices always with those from offer and order confirmation the same? Your customers will receive immediately all necessary documentation for the settlement (report notes, delivery notes, measurements, etc.)? To sign the customer all the evidence really regularly? It comes to calculating additional benefits that you not agreed upon when placing the order with the customer? Pay your disposable and First time customers only by prepayment? Performing length additional permanent jobs, insist on partial payment? For the preparation of reports to negotiate cost estimates flat-rate fees, which are charged at actual order? (Unless the order you receive a refund at least your expenses.) Be seduced by customers who miss payments often place more orders? Never forget the passing of the general terms and conditions to your customers? Each week to check the open item list of your company? Without exception, with close to the failure to pay to send reminders? How often is your 1st warning or reminder customers, without these previously received an invoice from you? Your company has an active management of complaints? Constantly looking for organizational failures and improvement opportunities within your company? If some of these issues cause a frown at you and they are absolutely sure are that the here intimated problems plaguing not your Receivables Management, I would like to congratulate you! In the course of my many years of experience in management consulting and leadership, I found that entrepreneurial dealing with claims has often significant deficits, which may have success-endangering effects. For this reason I am ready anytime in the Oberhausen branch of the SME Advisory Unterberg for comprehensive analysis and optimization of your Receivables Management! Press contact SME consulting Unterberg contact person: Ursula Unterberg Wegener Klosterhardter str. 25 46119 Oberhausen Tel. Additional information is available at Nelson Peltz. + 49 (0) 208 6 25 61 45 mobile + 49 (0) 208 6 25 58 59 E-Mail: Homepage:



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