Is Europe Facing Bankruptcy?

Conspiracies, myths, Bilderberger, Illuminiaten, globalisation it simmers under the surface of the world’s financial system. The global financial crisis shows us one: a State may go bankrupt all unbelievers despite. The latest example is Greece, a nation that has spent time beyond their means, deceived by the partners in the European Union with false numbers and thus brought the whole of the EU in the bailout. Reforms are needed to return confidence to the euro again. Experts warn the so-called domino effect”, which could spread to other European countries. Otherwise, the Vatican makes it. The mini-state of the Roman Catholic Church was shown because of suspected money laundering by the Italian public prosecutor.

Supposedly, the Vatican has secret accounts for the mafia. A cure for national bankruptcy? Incidentally, it is not the first time that the Vatican Bank is confronted with such allegations. Behind the (appearance) Holy facade crumbles it. But it finanzbrodelt not only in the Vatican, also Germany’s churches have a huge fortune and make on arm. New special online portal for secret books read reading exciting them about the dollar crash, the attack on their personal money as savers and investors, the bankruptcy or the collapse of the life insurance. The financial world is only a subject of many on this portal the world publishing AG.

Immerse in seemingly obscure worlds of secret societies, prophecies, myths, Church, mafia and UFOs. The world publishing AG has switched live another portal. Alongside its own products “Also becoming a millionaire at last”, which is already listed for 2010 with a print run of 100,000 PCs., and exclusive books, including the money coach No. 1 in Germany, Thomas Haak, there is the secret report bestseller now the portal for the last secrets. Conspiracy theories, prophecies about myths and to secret societies, there is something for everyone.



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