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VAT reduction accelerating innovation thrust – focus on modernisation of the bed and breakfast Hamburg, 27 October – 2009 new force for investment: the recently adopted tax relief for hotels ensures a modernization push especially in guest rooms. The majority of the establishments who want to upgrade their rooms even amidst the economic crisis specifically plan investments. The investments are not pushed on the backburner: two-thirds of companies tackle 2009 and in the first three months of 2010 the renovations in the last quarter of the year. This emerges expert, Scheessel near Hamburg, the study \”Hotel upgrade 2009/2010\” by CHD. The international, specializing in the non-market research company has updated his study for the first time presented in the spring now lavishly. Hotel market expert Thilo Lambracht analyzes \”The willingness to invest was high – despite numerous uncertainties resulting from the economic crisis already before becoming aware the VAT reduction\”.

The co-owner of CHD expert (Germany) expected a renewed increase in the investment activities through the greater financial leeway. With the VAT reduction to seven percent next year a much needed relief granted the hotels, which on the one hand ending in cheap hotel rates and improve the profit situation of enterprises on the other hand. \”Thus equity will strengthen the hotel, which will have a positive impact on the demands for loans for renovation projects\”, so Labib. When the renovations will be bigger. Every fifth Hotel wants to modernize all guest rooms. After all, over 11 percent of farms can refurbish half of its rooms. In focus are especially new mattresses: 58 percent of the investment ready companies emphasize particularly strong-bed dormitory (up to 40 inches thick).

Kitchen technique, the majority of companies with renovation plan put on replacement devices. 41 percent want to modernize their existing cooking technique with modern, computer-based innovations. 14 percent plan purchases of additional devices.

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