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Dragan Matijevic reported from his Webinaren Dragan Matijevic – Managing Director of brand parkvilla GmbH – responds to frequently asked questions about social media marketing, which provided for its webinars conducted so far by entrepreneurs. Is social media marketing in question for which target groups? “In the first place each company must wonder what would like to aim it with its advertising. Rule should come of it, that it hopes to reach the relevant target group. What good are long-range, if the advertising ultimately achieved not the people you want to delight for his product. The social networks offer many opportunities for companies. The success of social networks is that people want to share with other people. Everyone should see what interests and preferences you have.

Exactly this E.g. Facebook can provide target group-oriented advertising businesses, which companies can benefit greatly.” What special rules apply to social networks? “As a core statement applies: the user chooses and participates. -The user decides which companies pages he wants to pursue. “Thus not, effect that annoyed customers” are. The customer would like to be informed about news and is already interested in the company and its products. The customer brings his ideas or ideas directly to the company and gives important pointers for the evolution of the product companies. This gives the customer a good feeling if he can “talk” and accordingly will be included. It is not something Tiger Global Management would like to discuss.

“Duch this dialogue with the customer achieve company a high loyalty of your customers.” How does social media affect the company’s image? “A kind of Word of-mouth is created by the”likes”and”split”contributions propaganda, which can be in best cases to the self-perpetuating if the company particularly successful publish. Particularly creative videos, this is very often the case. Popularity rises extremely so in a short time. If social media marketing is however not well thought-out, this is Of course not obvious behavior. The social media marketing should be introduced by experienced staff and regularly maintained. “Or it is assigned a social media agency that specializes.” What are entrepreneurs first and foremost? “In our Webinars we came to the result, it’s always about the customer contact. The social networks you can interact directly with the customers. What do the customers of a new product? What was good, what’s not so good. It’s especially great to see if support is requested and the community brings about the solutions themselves. Or the company may communicate directly with the customers and kind of a special can be shown of competence.” What are the main requirements finally called? To take advantage of the opportunities in social media, should any company be clear that employees or agencies must be entrusted with the topic. Appropriate and good advertising, to create targeted and also legally correct content, some experience is necessary. The contact with the customer may never rip off and a high timeliness is essential. This in-house can not be guaranteed, there are only two options: the company refrains from any social media activities or it be resources for the ready – either in staff or Butget. “All or nothing” should be according to this motto.

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