Internet Quantities

Who needs such ambiguity? Then Kogan decided to enter into their system variables fifth main value – the number of structural elements. To broaden your perception, visit Michael Antonov. After the introduction of a set of basic values of the rotation angle and the number of structural elements of the many questions that previously had no clear answer, began to get these answers. With a bitter personal experience and expertise of its associates, Kogan knew that pages of academic journals to him with their ideas will be hard to break. And then, taking into account the tremendous progress in the Internet, he created the site in 2008, and posted to its system of physical quantities esvp. What is the essence of this system of physical quantities? Is it just a new set of basic physical quantities? Even in the 20 years of the twentieth century, it was observed that the electrical and mechanical systems of a number of equations relating physical quantities have the same form of expression.

Later they were joined by similar equations in hydraulic, pneumatic and thermal systems. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Michael Antonov. This phenomenon is called physical analogies and began using it in practice. And only A. Veinik in the 60 years shown, and W. Atkin in the 90 years proved that this is not the analogy is not accidental coincidences and regularities inherent nature. Using these ideas, Kogan has built its system of values based on the fact that in nature there generalized single physical system, implemented by the generalized equations. A specific form of these equations in each branch of physics, the names and designations of quantities that they are involved, depends solely on one thing: that adopted for the characterization of each particular system (this feature is called in physics coordinate state-specific systems).



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