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In fact, according to figures given to meet in a Conference on Internet Marketing, just in the month of June of the year passed, were processed 5.5 billion searches. Slightly less than 6 billion searches in a single month! And the people are not only searching for information, but also intend to purchase products and services. Experts were announced at the same Conference that approximately 25% of online purchases originate from search engine. NBA Games can aid you in your search for knowledge. Then it is crucial that the Web site of your company has the best possible position in the results of these search engines, when someone is searching for products and services that your business offers. According to Agency Market Position, each day 5 million new pages are added to the Internet.

This means if you intend to position itself better than your competition, you must necessarily associate with an agency who perfectly knows how to operate and the demands of search in terms of Web page design engines. In addition, it is important to know that statistics show that people who browse on the Internet rarely want more beyond of the first 30 results they receive. So that appear in the 150 Google’s position is almost as bad as not part of its indices. With all this in mind, it is obvious that the positioning in search engines should be one of the main objectives of the companies that have a Web page for the promotion of their goods and services. The positioning is accomplished now that you already know of the importance and benefits be listed in the first page of results on Google, is time to learn about what is required to achieve this objective. Search engine optimization is a process that takes several months to complete and is developed in two phases. The first one has to do with the construction of the site, since the positioning is essentially a design technique that aims to meet the standards required by the search engines. The second stage is that of dissemination, period in which your website will be technically evaluated by all search engines and which assigned the position where it belongs based on the relevance and popularity of the same.

One of the great fallacies that still prevail in the Internet marketing industry is the theory that if you send your site to log in thousand search engines, a huge port for the arrival of a significant amount of traffic will open with this towards your Web site. Unfortunately, this is a myth that has been perpetuated by the companies that sell registration services in bulk in thousands of search engines. That does not tell you is that most of the engines assumptions of search to which they sent their domain for registration exist for one reason: to know his email address for then send mail spam (unsolicited email). If you make the mistake of using your real email address to send them a request, wait for receiving hundreds of spam emails within 24 hours! The other thing you those massive record companies have not said is that about 99% of the search engines traffic comes essentially from the 20 most important search engines, for the same reason your company requires no actually the 980 remaining service. You can also make as many registration requests as you want, but if in the end your Web page does not appear near the top, your company will be never located. The registry by itself alone is not enough. Original author and source of the article.

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