International World Future

Beyond the influence of man or not climate change, there is no doubt that the man has done much damage and is followed by the environment, ecosystems destroyed, seas, oceans contaminated, extinct species, malnutrition diseases, respiratory deficiencies polluted air, etc. Sooner or later we will bring some result, is not it? And that means the whole world, this is not a problem just for humans. Do not forget that we are not owners, we share with other species and have as much right to live as we do. In the future the inhabitants of Earth to question, why in the past no further action was taken on this matter?, Why was nothing done when there was still time to reverse the situation? Will nostalgia for what was the Earth, a world that was beautiful and lovely and now is nothing but a desert, sad, colorless and lifeless. To read more click here: Larry Ellison. I wonder, is this what we want to reach? Why should we take a chance to play with our destiny and that of our planet? Then I will say more in detail what might drive up grade by grade according to Mark Lynas in a book he wrote entitled "Six Degrees" (six degrees). One degree more, they end up the ice in the Arctic. Lynas raises the disappearance of Arctic ice for half a year if the temperature rises just a degree Celsius. In addition, the tides could submerge all homes on the coast of the Bay of Bengal, between Burma and India, where more than one million people.



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