International Relations

Leonardo Berto de Almeida Branches 1 SUMMARY: After the end of the first war, the winning powers had idealized and organized an international organism of multilateral character to regulate the relations of being able between the states, this organization was Liga of the Nations or Society of the Nations (SDN). It was the first attempt in the direction to leave the relations of the states most steady, or at least safer. Brazil started its envolvement with the SDN in 1919 in the Conference of the Peace, carried through in Paris. If you would like to know more then you should visit Oracle. By the fact of Brazil to have directly participated of the conflict, exactly of modest form, was chosen to occupy the place of founding temporary member. In the attempt to reach a higher rank in Liga, the body Brazilian diplomatist, the permanent member of the advice prioritized the goal to raise the status of Brazil, amongst other subjects that they needed to be decided. Although the Brazilian aspiration, the European powers more were centered in reaching the pacification in fact of the continent they will reincorporaro and it of Germany in permanent seat World War I Conference of Peace 1919 Permanent Seat First World War Conference of Peace 1919 world-wide, to create a supranational organization and to regulate the dynamics of the relations between the States.

It was the first attempt of positivar the international law in intention to stabilize the international society and to leave the actions of the States a little more previsible. Considering the displayed panorama, it will be analyzed relation of Brazil with Liga of the Nations, as well as the main involved interests in a historical context politician, always in parallel with the importance of this subject in the field of the International Relations. Bibliographical the documentary research and, was made in the library of the Integrated Facultieses of Brazil and the Federal University of the Paran.



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