International Organization

In 2003 they had been published manual for other areas of knowledge, as hemoterapia, lenders of services of clinical laboratories. (1,4) The Brazilian manual of acreditao of organization of nefrologia services published rendering resolution approving and renal therapy substitute. (1,4) In 5 edition was submitted during four cycles, the tests and Real application in the daily environment of the organizations of health showing to be valid and consistent to take care of the necessities of organizations of different types, profile, transport or characteristics. (1,4) The standards are defined in three increasing levels of complexity and with principles: Level 1 security and structure, 2 Level security and organization, Level 3 security, organization and practical of management and quality. (1,4) Requirements 1 and 2 are applied to the services, sectors or unit (subs-section).

Level 3 is applied to the section, that is, to the set of services, sectors or units. The evaluation process is voluntary. It is co-ordinated by the ONA that acts for intermediary of acreditadoras institutions (IACs), that it has the responsibility to proceed to the evaluation and certification from the quality, believed Level 1, full believed Level 2, believed Level 3 with excellency. (1,4) Another methodology for implantation and guarantee of the system of management of the quality is the norm of the International Organization for Normalizao (ISO) it does not believe, an institution certifys or registers, and its standards can be used by appraisers or external auditors for certification analysis. Its models can be used for elaboration of systems of control of quality for some services with objective to develop industrial standards to facilitate to the international coordination and the unification of the standards. Instead of presenting norms, it guarantees quality of products directly and services to the systems of management with quality, efficiency and improvement it continues. (4) the recent version of published family ISO 9000 in December of 2008 cognominadas ISO9001 (2008), consists of three norms ISO9000: (2005), ISO9001: (2008), ISO9001: (2000), ISO9001: 2008 systems of the quality with the requirements, norms in which all the organizations are auditadas with voluntary processes.



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