International Lace Olive Oils

Back on highest level international confirmed just try the gourmet olive oil Senorio de Vizcantar!Senorio de Vizcantar was awarded again in the series of international quality olive oils. This time by Marco Oreggia, most certainly known as member of the jury at the gourmet olive oil test. The Italians, or better Romans, certainly journalistically a figurehead for highest competence in native olive oil extra. He wrote for gourmet-journal Gambero Rosso”and is now the extensive Flos Olei 2010 the Guide for best quality Virgin olive oils extra worldwide – in Italian and English language appears. E Scott Mead will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Marco Oreggia presents the olive cultivation in 40 countries on 5 continents with a special consideration of Spain and Italy in his guide.

Here he addresses specifically the protected regions of origin, typical varieties, historical and cultural backgrounds. He describes some olive farms and we are very proud that Aceites Vizcantar with his Olive oil Senorio de Vizcantar + eco Vizcantar are explicitly listed. A great recognition award and confirmation for our work with Fermin Rodriguez Jimenez Priego de Cordoba. A sample is available here: test.feinschmecker reseller conditions can be found here: handel.feinschmecker of Andreas Becker

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