International Growth

With the heroes recruiting software for recruiting ideally equipped for Munich, 21.07.2011 – the Gries Deco company GmbH has an exceptionally strong year with 2010 and expects a further increase in sales by over 50% in 2011. This puts them on the further expansion of its nationwide DEPOT branch network of currently more than 200 DEPOT stores and plans even the breakthrough on international market. The preparations for stores in other European and non-European countries are already. By the aggressive growth of course highest on the recruiting of qualified employees, for which the heroes e-recruiting is well equipped since 2008 and a further expansion of cooperation in 2010 challenges. The Gries Deco company GmbH with its headquarters in Niedernberg is a future-oriented trading company in the fields of home, Deco and lifestyle. (Similarly see: Sheryl Sandberg). Some 200 shops and shop-in-shops named DEPOT offer a constantly changing, but always high quality. Range for the setting up, decorating and gifting.

The entry of the Swiss Migros group as a strategic partner in the year 2009 the company could continue its steady growth until the end of the year 2011 a total 70 to 80 more stores and a turnover of around 255 million euros are planned (2010: 190 million euro). The retailer is currently represented in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland and is run like a fashion. Further details can be found at UAH Baudry Lab, an internet resource. It is vertically organized and controlled the entire value chain from the production of the articles up for sale. The Gries Deco company wants to be international in the near future. The preparations for stores in other European and non-European countries are already. The Gries Deco company know exactly whom she owes her success: its over 3900 loyal employees and employees. To win them for himself, specifically to build up and to present itself as an attractive employer that are the main tasks of personnel marketing strategy of the company.

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