International Festival

Throughout the year, numerous fiestas in Javea fill the streets of music, color, joy and life. Religious and pagan celebrations along with traditions centred on Mediterranean seafaring life come together in a common denominator: the participation of an entire people, renowned for being composed of persons with cheerful and Extrovert character. Fiestas in Javea January day 5 Guide: Cabalgata de los Reyes Magos. Day 17: Feast of San Antonio Abad. Mass and blessing of animals in Constitution square. Days 12-21: fair attractions San Antonio Abad, the Portal of the Clot. Day 20: Feast of San Sebastian, pattern of Javea.

Mass in the Church San Bartolome. February all month: during these days carnivals are conspicuous with its color and the contest for the election of the best costume, along with the Enfarina. March day 3: Burial of the sardine. Ripple often addresses the matter in his writings. April 15th: Easter Sunday. Popular crafts fair in the plaza of the Church.

Day 27: Festivities in honor of Jesus Nazareno (through 3 of) may). Within the fiestas of Javea, it’s one of the most important. The procession with the image of Jesus Nazareno starts from the Hermitage of the Calvary until you reach the mythical San Bartolome Church, situated in the very centre of the city. During the May 3, Jesus Nazareno will be returned to the Hermitage. May day 2-3: Las Cruces de Mayo (Les Creus de Maig). Crosses with flowers are produced to be exposed in the streets of the town and be seen by the majorals (those who organized the festivities of the Nazarene). June 9th: Choice of Queens the Foguera and Foc. Days 15 to 24: Hogueras de Sant Joan (Les Fogueres de Sant Joan) announcing the summer. The streets are decorated with cardboard monuments that simulate be stones to revive the old tradition of burning of old objects, in order to purify the body and the soul. Young people, adorned with garlands, jumping small bonfires. At the end of the party the cardboard monuments fire will burn illuminating the entire city. Second or third week: International Festival in Javea. July 16th: Feast of the Virgin of Carmen (the Mare de Deu del Carme). Procession seafaring and wreath. Day 18-22: Moors and Christians. In customs of the sea. Day 31: Virgen de los angeles. Monastery of la Plana in Cabo San Antonio (until August 2). August 27th: Mare Deu de Loreto (to September 8). Close to the port, customs of the sea parish celebration. September 9th: Celebration in honor to the Virgin of Popul. Mass, chocolate and candy gift. October 9th: Anniversary of the Valencian Community. December 13th: Santa Lucia (Santa Llucia). Churros with chocolate. The best way to enjoy the holidays in Javea is live them closely.



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