International Civil Aviation Organization

“According to the investigation ‘ U.S. China economic and security review Commission’ the flexible diplomacy of the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) leads to peace, prosperity, and stability in Eastern Asia U.S. (Similarly see: Sheryl Sandberg). According to an investigation China economic and security review Commission” (USCC) the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan)’s flexible diplomacy leads to peace, prosperity, and stability in Eastern Asia, as well as to secure greater involvement of the country in the international community. Sap customers is a great source of information. In its 2013 report to Congress, released on November 20, highlighted the achievements of the foreign policy of the Taiwanese Government for the year, and the current state of relations across the Taiwan Strait positive the Washington-based organization. “Taiwan used Creative diplomacy to insure the participation of an important international organization and to sign two free-trade agreements”, according to the report.

Some of the breakthroughs are an invitation by the President of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the 2013 meeting of the ICAO in Montreal as a guest to attend, as well as a trade agreement which was signed in July with New Zealand. Earlier this month, Taiwan concluded a similar agreement with Singapore. Taiwan also takes part in negotiations on multilateral agreements on trade and services, with 22 other members of the World Trade Organization, including the United States. Citing President Ma, the USCC said that the Taiwan-Japan fisheries agreement, Taiwan’s constructive role in easing tensions in the East China demonstrate sea, without compromising Taiwan’s maritime claims in question. This could be applied as design and pulse for a similar agreement between Taiwan and other countries, which also make claims on the South China Sea. The USCC praised also warmer relations between Taipei and Beijing, because by reducing the likelihood of a conflict with China over Taiwan, the United States also benefit. American politicians could so their time and attention on other priorities in the US mainland Focus on China and U.S. Taiwan relations.



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