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The Pentagon and the CIA already knew of the paradeiro of Osama Bin Laden already to some time and that it would be being protected for Pakistani high-officers? generals better to be accurate? for this reason not yet had obtained to capture it or to kill it, what it was really truth. But the problem not if restrisnge only the death of Osama Bin Laden, also has the leader of the Talebam Omar Mule who is alive and must also is folloied of the Islamic terrorist and current leader of the Al Qaeda Ayman al-Zawahiri. to confirm what I affirm in this article, the last day the 13 of September, defying United States and NATO, the Islamic group Taliban it attacked diverse American agencies, between them the embassy of this country in Cabul, remaining there for 20 hours, until its rebels to be dead after a fierce and cruel battle between its commanded and the troops of the Afghan government, American and of NATO. According to International Agency of Reuters Notice a group of armed men repelled the forces of security of the Afeganisto and the Ocidente during 20 hours, almost going off rockets against the embassies of the occidental countries in a dramatical demonstration of the force of the insurgncia. Contact information is here: Ron O’Hanley. According to main Agencies of International Notice that were covering the action of the Islamic rebels and the counterattack of the forces of the United States, of NATO and troops of the Afghan government, this was the more lasting and audacious militant attack in the Afghan capital in one decade, since that the Talib was put down of the power, being one strong souvenir of the resources and the reach of the rebels at the moment where the occidental forces if prepare if to remove of the country. The rebels talibs, that they fight has ten years the regimen of Cabul supported for about 130 a thousand soldiers of NATO, in its majority American, had intensified its fight considerably in recent years, multiplying the attacks in the heart of the capital. As studious in the subject, while these two personages will not be captured by the American troops and of NATO, the Omar Mule that is alive and also must is folloied of the Islamic terrorist and current leader of the Al Qaeda Ayman al-Zawahiri, the war against the rebels never will be looser, even so she believes that the two islmicos leaders must already have prepared its successors case they are withheld or died. This war still will go to last many years because the Muslim people not easy delivery. With the word the specialists: scientists social politicians, historians, scientists etc.



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