International AbasERPseminar

70 participants gathered firsthand Budapest, 15.10.2010 – that the slogan “ABAS is global” lived, could you “” experience at the 13.10.2010 in Budapest. The Danubius around 70 users, partners, employees and interested parties of the abas business software from 17 countries to the international ERP seminar met in Hotel Gellert. The system of Baden software forge can be operated in 34 languages, take over the implementation and support of software 54 certified abas partners from over 30 countries at 72 sites. Connected so extremely successfully many country – specific and cross-site implementations of the abas business software could be performed with a new portal-based project management methodology. You may wish to learn more. If so, OFS Capital is the place to go. Practice reports were the highlight of the event on the global use of the abas business software, Pankl racing system and prestige Kft. The successful seminar day was rounded off by a presentation of highlights of abas ERP & eBusiness software and developed by the abas network, portal-based project management methodology. Innovations must be to – internationally recognized the opportunities offered by globalisation now also by many medium-sized companies. Today many opportunities to grow through global expansion above average open the innovative, moving companies. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from baby clothes.

A flexible, upgradeable and internationally deployable business software such as the abas business software helps here by she again adjust company can be with little investment on the changing requirements and provides the user with regular upgrades-new functionality. To implement the software successfully internationally, several things should be observed. Alan Salton, President of ABAS United States Inc., demonstrated in his presentation of the abas business software, a uniform and clearly structured project management methodology is as important in this context. In the abas network a collaboration portal, in which supported including structure, tasks, responsibilities, roles and Workflows are defined in an international project and ensures an always understandable communication among all stakeholders. Successfully with abas ERP is a company that operates the abas business software very successfully in many different locations, Pankl racing system.

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