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Existential questions for all those who want to have a company or a practice, eventually passed, or take over! Magdeburg, 20.09.10 – approximately 70,000 companies face annually a generational change in the next few years. Approximately 3,000 applications face more than 6,600 offerings for the succession in the Internet stock market -Successor urgently wanted! Among the most important objectives of a successful business succession for entrepreneurs and self-employed persons both the interest in a continuation of the company and the preservation of jobs, as well as in securing their assets and income in retirement. For entrepreneurs, the acquisition of established and successfully for years listed company plays too often even a supporting role, because the chances are unknown or are underestimated. The economic and financial crisis, as well as federal laws have caused multiple business owners and started in the last 3 years to change their plans and decisions. According to the corporate and the inheritance tax reform can be expected for the next few months further changes in the law. The amendments concern especially the valuation of the company and of the practice, the opportunities, the sales tax deductible and inflation to invest, the fractional impact on transfer of business assets and last but not least, the crisis in the financial markets with the threat of inflation and currency reform.

Their conversation partners offered different perspectives and experiences on risks and chances of the generational change in small – and medium-sized enterprises. Stimulated discussed the participants about all the questions that you can burn under the nails, such as how to determine the value of your company and how to save this value in the context of the succession? What possibilities offer themselves in the context of a transfer of businesses in the family? which business knowledge and skills require the internal or external successor and how are the qualifications? how the long-term existence of your company is promoted by the inheritance tax reform or threatens bankruptcy? What are the consequences for your different types of assets has the inheritance tax reform? What tax changes to company owners and their families benefit from? Various documents provided all interested parties to the issues in the next few days on the Web site of the IAB-DM to the free download available. Contact person: Ms. Dagmar Maggs E-Mail: phone: 0162 1039498 to the 6th Magdeburg financial conversation had invited: Dr. Thomas Schulze, Financecoach and business consultants, an independent representative of DeuKap GmbH Dusseldorf and member of the Federal Committee tax policy in the Federal Association of self-employed persons in cooperation with the Institute for alternative management Dagmar Meinz + partner GbR



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