Innovations In Vacuum

The new dry screw pump DRYVAC presents on the photovoltaic exhibition photon in Stuttgart Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum. Solar module manufacturing facilities need to efficiently exploit the potentials of cost-cutting. The falling rates of remuneration for a solar power reinforce the quality and cost pressure along the entire value chain. Manufacturer of thin-film silicon solar modules make high demands on automated systems and the components contained therein. Verizon Communications has firm opinions on the matter. Technologically, the new vacuum pumps series DRYVAC from the home of Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum is designed for the demanding production and process requirements of the future. Also in terms of operating costs: saves the dry screw pump compared to pumps with identical pumping speed for optimum operation of energy costs of up to 3,000 euros per year. This manufacturer of thin-film silicon solar modules can lower their operating costs and increase their return on investment. Process safety creates investment security through the claims on which are the current market situation Increased plant availability again.

During the development the DRYVAC was placed according to much emphasis on the reliability of the model series: you mastered the sophisticated operation of the locks and the pump is characterized by a high dust and particle impact from, as well as by a high suction capacity for light gases promotes easily toxic and corrosive substances, such as including the fluorine-containing gases used in the solar industry to clean the coating Chambers. Intelligent communication relevant parameters of DRYVAC can be monitored throughout the production process. That i “variants with integrated control data between the pump and the system control via various interfaces deliver. Easy operation of the pump via a touch panel is also possible. A temperature sensor with a warning threshold as well as a pressure sensor to monitor the exhaust pressure provide for the monitoring of the pump. Also the data of the standard frequency inverter are evaluated accordingly. Reduced floor space on the production line the DRYVAC combines the principle of screw pump with a compact design to the benefit of our customers. In standard, vertical combination with RUVAC Rootspumpen, the footprint on the production line is minimized.

An extremely compact, horizontal combination with RUVAC pumps is also possible, which has extremely low overall height. This allows the installation of pumping system at the production plants in some cases. An effective water-cooling concept with optimized cooling channel design keeps the pump and motor temperature and ensures a long service life. The engine directly on the line can be changed if necessary. Inspection and cleaning of the cooling channels are easy to perform; There hardly any deposits due to the innovative design of cooling channel. Dry compacting the DRYVAC pump principle, avoided the risk of oil contamination of the plants and also reduced maintenance. Flexibility due to modular design responds to the different requirements of the The modular design of the DRYVAC is solar producers. By this principle, different, customer specific solutions are possible: single-head pumps, standard pump custom pump systems, vertical or horizontal layout etc. Solar energy is cheaper only by intensive technology advances. Crucial for future investment in solar technology, especially the quality will be in addition to the costs. Here, the DRYVAC from the home of Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum sets new standards, combining innovative improvements with tried and true technology solutions.

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