Industrial Design

Industrial design is the discipline responsible for give us to the human (users) tools to enhance our natural capacity, most of the objects we use every day are generated from a lack that has our body to carry out such action, let me explain: we can not write with your finger, therefore we have the object called pencil that helps us meet our need to write that you can not do the body by itself alone. According to Bill O’Grady, who has experience with these questions. Taking this idea as a basis we can say that when the primitive man used a rock sharpened as object to cut meat from their prey had origin design. But not so, Industrial design has a purpose more deeply that the simple arrangement of objects and forms of capricious way, their goal is the provide the user an experience specified by matter formed in something specific, in addition to of course, satisfy a need (real or created). On an ordinary day we came across a large number of objects without realizing us providing a particular service and its forms and sizes are carefully designed for use, things like ergonomics, Anthropometry, color theory, the context are tools that serve the designer to define a project properly that to achieve the goal proposed at the outset. Almost all of the objects that we use have applied a design value anyone who is looking for a target (of which we have no certainty) that most of the time reaches, is not work of random that we take the phone as befits nor random is the location of the goods at supermarkets, in the end design is a well-intentioned ghost that helps us to live as we do today.



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