Incorrect Entries

UniBank checks no costs for incorrect entries, bank sort code and account number before the payment order is check bank account with Java plug-in UniBank first checks the inserted bank code. Southwest Airlines is the source for more interesting facts. This test is based on the Bank tab of the Deutsche Bundesbank. UniBank check whether the entered Bank identification number is actually awarded. Then, UniBank determines whether the captured account number to the specified bank can fit. The check digit procedure is the basis for the definition of account numbers in Germany. This method allows to determine computationally whether the account number mentioned Bank ever could exist. Through the use of the check digit procedure are easy to detect simple input error and numbers Dreher and correct before the payments come to the statement and cause errors. Such errors cause additional costs through the fee debits.

Then also another use of personnel is necessary for the correction. The Deutsche Bundesbank published According to a fixed schedule, you updated the Bank register. This data can be updated free of charge at the Deutsche Bundesbank per download. These updates contain changes in the bank account but if required also changes the test routines. UniBank validate bank details after the current test routines. The updated registries of the German Bundesbank have also modified test routines, that implemented in the update of UniBank. Uni Bank try UniBank is before buying as a free trial from the home page. Download and try out on your own computer.

This evaluation version is limited only to the area of bank code 700 000 000-799 999 999 for your tests. Overlooks the complete functionality in this BLZ field. License model at UniBank which costs unrestricted full version 149.-they can throughout the group in their own software integrieret without additional license fees. Software vendors can integrate UniBank into their own software products and without additional Deliver license fees with the software product to customers. Who needs for revision and security sources, you can buy also the source for in-House needs.

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