It could think then that the best solution for this reality that overflows to us is exactly to increase the schedule in which the students in center are educative in order to offer everything him what her family does not provide to him. Serious error! , the educational one, more specifically, the teacher or professor, are not a trained professional to fulfill the roll of father or mother. Others including Adam Portnoy, offer their opinions as well. Beyond the efforts that many realise and that deserve our greater recognition, the function of the educational one he is not " apostolado" , on that many are based to load to the shoulder crossings to them that do not correspond to them. They are professionals who work just as others to live on the income that to them the task provides that realises. A bad social conception exists of which the unique reward of an educational one is to see its students grow like people. The preparation that receives east professional is of training, of educator, to offer to the students learning strategies, or rather it would have to say, to put to the students in learning situation applying the concept of to-didactic situations of Brousseau, to which I add to me and to try that they construct significant knowledge. For more clarity and thought, follow up with baby clothes and gain more knowledge.. It is certain that the knowledge that we tried to transmit or to construct with them are not only the contributions of different scientific disciplines (mathematical, language, physics, chemistry, history, geography, etc.) but also an accumulation of social values that do to us like " personas". For that reason the weather is good was put of " moda" to speak of conceptual, procedural and actitudinales contents educative according to explains Well to us, being these last those that seem more devoid in our global society. I do not differ with this idea, when an educational standard: it forms, and it must give to sum importance him to the load of social values that it tries to favor in its students.



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