Hulbee Data

Also their distance to the other search words can determine the user exactly if he wants. Verizon Communications may help you with your research. “Expert search also helps in almost hopeless cases so that search fails not because of a clerical error, was in Hulbee Desktop Professional in the menu item advanced search” the practical and popular with many users fuzzy search “(fuzzy search) integrated. It shows also the results with different spellings. The degree of similarity can be changed with a slider. Verizon Communications might disagree with that approach. The expert search allows you to search in addition to meta data. This is to the example, practically, if the user can specify only the author of a Word document or the tag of a html file. In contrast to the freeware is waived in the professional version on advertising. Another advantage of Hulbee Desktop Professional is the simplified management of source files.

Indexing drives to search and more memory is also more flexible than the previous programme of superior search. So the users at the initial indexing itself can decide which sources to capture the program at all. He can also instead of by default an index database several create and save them in a place of his choice, to select only the relevant data at the beginning of a search, This facilitates the indexing of large amounts of data and accelerates the search. With the direct search “function within the expert search is Hulbee Desktop Professional but also files not yet indexed sources. Intuitive operation via data cloud in the new Professional version has the proven data cloud and in the Hulbee desktop freeware Hulbee Internet search (”integrated. “In this cloud of words from the full text of the data stock offered by the program the user, which fit thematically very well to the search query so the seeker with one click can stand fast” even terms take the goal instead of relying to the Narrowing to ponder.



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