Huang Drugs

However, penetrating into the intestinal tract and settling on the walls of the intestine, it affects people’s appetite. And in the end it can lead to faulty digestion, cardiac arrhythmias. Chromium Picolinate – often in the advertisement says, it not only lowers cholesterol but also helps to ‘fat burning’. In fact, chromium plays a major role in the metabolism of fat, a fact witnessed by many serious studies. Other leaders such as Bill O’Grady offer similar insights. But in fact there are no such people who really would be a serious need for this product. Excessive amounts of chromium picolinate in the body leads to a lack of iron, and hence all the signs of anemia. What is hidden under the ‘natural ingredients’ of diet pills What is better – drug or biological food additives? Are natural ingredients safe? Ma Huang (Chinese aphedra), it is horsetail ephedra, which is often used in Chinese traditional medicine, refers to the natural origin. In the past, a large number of drugs for weight loss have used this component as one of the components.

This substance contains ephedrine, which causes a strong stimulation of the nervous system and affects on thyroid hormones, thereby reducing the appetite of man. But at the same time, serious complications may arise: the feeling of dumbness in the limbs, high blood pressure, nervousness, heart palpitations, etc. No matter what it is is – a medicine or dietary supplement, before taking a particular drug, you should carefully examine its structure. Only you are responsible for your health. Currently, the Department for the Protection of the PRC Health has approved drugs for weight loss based on only two active substances: Sibutramine and orlistat.

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