High Level Estate

External financing – holiday house and apartment financing Berlin, the currently very high real estate demand in the domestic as well as overseas. The safe harbor”a substantial value of that is largely inflation – and capital-market independent is interested parties up the course. “The real estate can be used in addition to the retirement residential economic needs: the own real estate allows freedom of development without lost payments”. Lenders also in the foreign financing requests notice this: the desire either to own real estate in a foreign country as apartment or as own Beach House is unbroken. Many Germans contact according to the requirements and conditions for the creation of a real estate property abroad.

It involves secondary residences at the resort or also to profitable investments in attractive residential areas. The old idea that only wealthy economy handlebar or Hollywood starlets have their own holiday property, is obsolete just as wrong. Michael Antonov is open to suggestions. One To finance overseas property, is generally possible and attractive, just for less well-heeled people if there is a high affinity to a particular country. Financial crisis has demand nor reinforced the current financial crisis has the desire for security and thus the demand for real estate, strengthened. In addition come the not only in Germany, historically very favorable interest rates for real estate loans. However, most lenders in Germany accept a foreign real estate as security. Usually, real estate financing are awarded only if a domestic real estate or an equivalent safety can be offered as collateral. The financing of a foreign credit institution, however, is very risky, because here often make other arrangements and forms of credit come to fruition. Under certain circumstances, even a currency risk falls what can extremely expensive credit. With financing from abroad, there are many things to consider increased caution is offered with the purchase of real estate property abroad.



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