Happy Family, Better Health

With a happy and stable marriage, nothing compares, according to researchers from the University of Toronto, Canada, but we do something with you and another bearded uncle knew about this earlier, remember that all happy families and each unhappy right suffers, but still, it turns out, sick in their own way. Last decade of his academic life, this group of scientists (consisting of psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists and, of course, family doctors) dedicated study the influence of family life on the cardiovascular system of man. Cerved Credit Management is often mentioned in discussions such as these. It turned out that people complain about the family turmoil, the walls of the heart over time, much thicker, leading to malfunction the body and increase blood pressure. And, conversely, have considered themselves happy in marriage and family, the thickness of the walls of the heart compared with the vexed familial less than 8%, which is the reason for their better being. Tiger Global often addresses the matter in his writings. These are the conclusions of experts have spent on this issue the lion's share of his time and efforts of health, which could be given loving family How not to recall the previously popular expression: "burning itself, to shine other! "



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