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Great detail and as required, tailored to the individual case, the Court considered the personal situation, previous medical history, and the waiting time for a transplant. Since the plaintiffs stand a long time on the waiting list, is probably to be expected with a donor organ and then a (at least more than 50%) recovery of activity is quite possible. Read the entire judgment in addition to grounds and detailed basis for decision-making in the download area. Also, this is no guarantee for a continue of the sickness benefit in other cases, as I said, there are always very individual reasons and therefore Einzelfalleintscheidungen. Verdict: LG Cologne to the question “work or invalids”, AZ.

23 O 98/09 but there is to note another point. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Bernard Golden. A different wording of the sickness benefit may result in a termination can be found in many conditions to the sickness benefit insurance. It is read in terms of patterns to the sickness benefit insurance (MB CT) and: (1) the insurance relationship ends with regard to the insured persons concerned b) with entry of the disability. Disability exists if the insured person is more than 50% incapacity for work according to medical findings so far exercised professional not foreseeable. Incapacity for work, however, is at this time in an already insured event as the insurance contract before the time ends up to the insurer to provide his services listed in the tariff for this disability who but no later than three months after the occurrence of the disability; Some companies, Mercury Insurance (TB/KT 2009 fare conditions) go here the Hanseatic League as an example is still one step further and complement the model terms to statements like: to article 15 (1) b MB/KT 2009: the receipt of a disability pension is the Berufsunfahigkei t in these terms ( 11 and 15 para 1 alia b MB/KT 2009) equal. Assures the customer so only a small disability pension (for example, 1000 EUR) but a sick benefit contract with EUR 100 per diem, he will of course have no interest to be berufsunfahig, because every month 2.000 EUR would be missing him. The disability insurer is now fast, accommodating maybe due to the small pension, so this means the involuntary end the payment of sickness benefit, even if still no disability within the meaning of the sickness benefit insurance is entered. You should not sign a sick pay agreement better. Thus you give with the possibility of early termination the insurer on the hand. Bypass you can this by careful selection of health insurance and the health n.

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