Hans Steffen Book

Two decades of history on November 12, 1990 it was published in the official journal Decree 1,424 Constitution of Codesa, organization that had been born in fact in 1986 in replacement of the Council of business development of the private activity of Aysen.In these two decades has been contributing to the discussion on regional development from different spheres, with own, public and private, regional, national and international resources.Major initiatives include the edition of Aysen poems in the heart of former parliamentarian Baldemar Carrasco with FNDR resource, the book Manual of Carreno of the Patagonia Aysen of journalist Patricio Segura and cartoonist Nelson Huenchunir thanks to the Fondart, extinct Continental Aysen hunters: a proposal for settlement of the archaeologist Kemel Sade with contributions from the book Fund, project flavors of Aysen with support from the Fund for agricultural innovation that looked for the valorisation of local products and whose participants continue on the path of economic development local, and the construction of the cinerary memorial Hans Steffen built at the cemetery in the clear thanks to resources of FNDR, among other initiatives. The last time one of his main projects has been the strengthening of Aysen as reserve life, which has received support of the Avina Foundation and that allowed him to implement the successful program ReUse reuse of waste and bring the antropolgo John Durston who issued one talk in Coyhaique, among others activities. Since 2006 form also part of the citizen coalition by Aysen Reserva de life, critical organization projects of dams in the region. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with David Rogier. Awarding us this Fund has been very good news for the organization.But we believe that for Codesa not only but also for the region and for all those who have made their contribution in different instances of civil society to the construction of a model of development according to the needs of those who inhabit this land.We hope that the meeting, to which we convene to all citizens and especially those who have been leaders of Codesa, a space for reflection on development looks that coexist today said Patricio Segura, President of the Corporation in this regard.He took advantage of the opportunity to inform that all the records of the entity and the Decree of Constitution for more than 3 months on the internet (as well as the Manual book of Patagonia Aysen Carreno) available to all citizenship (in the link), as a way of sharing the history of the institution with all citizens..



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