A piece of furniture made of solid wood is always a unique and high-quality character. The robust design and the natural grain of the wood make this piece of furniture to extraordinary unique. The GURU is a unique piece of furniture that convinced by high-quality materials and a classy appearance. High-quality Acacia wood meets the highest demands just the pieces of furniture, which must meet the everyday needs of the family, should be made of high-quality and stable materials. The GURU Bank from an amber-coloured Acacia wood combines these requirements with a simple and elegant appearance. The wood for the furniture series GURU comes from India and is cultivated there in the context of sustainable forestry for unique pieces of furniture.

The GURU Bank from Acacia can both serve before a dining table seating or as a storage Bank before bed, the bedroom skillfully revalue. The simple and comparatively simple form of the Bank harmonises perfectly with the unique and natural grain of the wood. Here, each solid wooden bench is unique, that fills the room with its vibrant look of course. A neat piece of furniture history writes the GURU Bank, as part of the extraordinary GURU furniture series, decorates your facility and providing the necessary stability for everyday use. The solid wood is further gaininig character even with the time and so is inevitably a piece of furniture with history that will delight many generations. The Acacia wood GURU Bank is solid and robust, yet solid wooden furniture enjoy from time to time provide adequate care. Therefore suspend the Bank no great fluctuations in temperature and watch for a possible constant humidity. For normal cleaning, it is sufficient to wipe off the base with a damp cloth and, if necessary, some mild soapy water.

Order to maintain the high quality and fine appearance, it is advisable to treat the GURU Bank about twice per year with a colourless product. GURU Ordered furniture online furniture series of the GURU series you can order online. In addition to the high-quality GURU Bank made of Acacia wood, the series offers a matching dining table and a spacious chest of drawers where about can keep dishes and cutlery. The honey color end Acacia wood blends beautifully with wall decoration in warm shades. The GURU would you combine pieces of furniture in a modern Setup, you can also easily on color contrasts in the room sat. Select, for example, the GURU with a matching bench dining table and combine these pieces of furniture with white accessories and stylish sofa. Their establishment will give a natural and bright note, you can also highlight with green plants and fresh flowers.

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