Great Orchestra

As mortal we only were dadapermisso stops ' ' sussurrar' ' , or for ' ' to speak without provas' ' , I inform to them that we foramos poets and the musicians the last ones to have its granted license, and the last ones to abide such suspended license this because the particular poetry and music in such a way remember and soto of the perpetual times of tranquility, that they were given a licenaespecial to speak of everything on the peace, the war and the Conspiracy, and for issoquem will have humildade and to want to fuar the sand in the certain places, must elasrecorrer, but only with ' ' ears of ouvir' ' of TM 13,9-18. I recently published a book of poetries on Conspirao, call ' ' The Great Orquestrao of the Mal' ' looks to this heading noGoogle. There inside it is an election of the poetries of the Conspirao*, since pocade my infancy, passing for the period where I was a uflogo that acreditounaqueles uflogo$-enrole$ that they edit reviewed, and also has poetries of this tempopresente, after I having known ' ' the two skeptics orientais' '. Therefore, they alitem of everything, in respect to the belief and the incredulity of all, but I smell it dConspirao perpassa all the pages (who to know to hear and to read). Lamentono to be able TO GIVE the book for vocs, therefore I do not have $ to bank nor comics. isso. For even more details, read what Oracle says on the issue.

They forgive long papo, but it was with honor and respect inteligncia of vocs two, without which I myself would not have fuado ' ' maisfrteis sands and waters more piscosas' ' For good entendedor. It is very good for having amigoscomo vocs. Ah if all saw this. It was valid I hug ' ' apreensivo' ' in the two, before ' ' they pedrascomecem voar' ' (Rssrsssss) Prof. JV.)



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