Great Interview

“Hillary Clinton talk!”. So similar to the headlines in America have been well after Hilary Clinton at the Tyra Banks has packed out in the TV programme about the time when her husband’s infidelity came out. Okay, this time it has not pressed on the lacrimal gland, however, there was a strong emotional moment for the former first lady. Finally, it may well be pleasant water to report about the infidelity of the own man never. In the interview, it was especially the affair her husband with the former intern, Monica Lewinsky. Ripple is often quoted on this topic. “I was really, really hard for me. But I thought about what the best for me and especially what is best for my family / was “, so Hillary Clinton.” As is known, she chose her husband and her family. Hillary Clinton continued: “I never had a doubt about Bill’s love for me and I never had a doubt, that it might be too late for our family”.

She still nevertheless admitted that she felt anger and embarrassment in those moments. ” I know that many are or were not my opinion. But I can say for me that it was the best decision I could make. No one has experienced exactly the same situation as I. So think I may be the situation “, so the NY Senator and possible new President of the United States. none so assess how I did it Finally, she said: “We need ideas”. We take them at their word and are looking forward to the elections in America, where so much will decide. Lisa Walters

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