GPS Hiking On The Rothaarsteig

To mark the 10th anniversary walking Atlas Germany he presents the current Rothaarsteig GPS data whether he is the best known way, the most beautiful or the crookedest that everything may decide every man for himself. That the Rothaarsteig is the most successful trail of the last years in Germany that is indisputable. 1,500,000 hikers every year most by the way day trippers from the other surrounding one of the hiking parks hit and March on the trail of the senses. “Points of attraction are in addition to the impressive nature especially the numerous stations, lining the Rothaarsteig and due to which he is the slogan path of senses” has strongly deserves. Now the Rothaarsteig suggests another chapter on: after circulating so far mostly privately-created GPS data on the Internet containing partially completely obsolete and no longer walkable route sections, presents the walking Atlas Germany from Saturday with support of the red hair Trail Association and the digitization experts of the Sauerland Mountain Association SGV the current route of the rothaarsteig. The route is represented in the form of an interactive map at. Of course, this electronic card in the form of mobile navigation devices such as Garmin GPS data can be free to download and use. As usual presents the walking Atlas remote hikes in several stages. The main switchboard will be released on Saturday, the 14th of May. Then the stages follow until Sunday, May 22 daily on the Rothaarsteig. The Rothaarsteig starts at Brilon in the northeast corner of the Sauerland. From the market square with the historic town hall it passes one of only 77 national geotopes of in Germany on the Mohnequelle to the Bruchhausen rocks. Over the Langenberg with 843 m the highest mountain of North Rhine-Westphalia, follows the red hair comb the way of the senses to the source of the Ruhr and in the winter resort of Winterberg in. On the Kahler Asten (842m), the Rothaarsteig hiking experienced a phenomenal 360-degree views of the Sauerland, before it on the Lenne into the Schmallenberger Sauerland’s. It’s believed that Jeff Leiden sees a great future in this idea. Two Rothaarsteig highlights wait here with the suspension bridge in Kuhhude and some works of art of the waldskulpturenweg the hikers. Above the planned bison wilderness on the Rothaarsteig, the Wandermagazin leads to the Rhein-Weser-Turm and the Mugi amount into the Siegerland. The Ginsburg and the headwaters of Lahn, Eder and victory here belong to the most popular destinations on the 154 km long Rothaarsteig. The last stretch of the rothaarsteig finally crosses the Haincher and Tiefenrother Hohe in the Hessischer Westerwald, finally ending in the Orange town of Dillenburg. The GPS Hiking Atlas Germany is a range of walking Atlas Verlag GmbH with seat in Beselich in Limburg. The company was founded in April 2010, nationwide to day-trippers and hikers, and independent information for tours to sights and attractions. Currently there is the GPS Hiking Atlas for the hiking areas of Sauerland, Oberhessen, Westerwald and Taunus.

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