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If you think that it is the right time to change cellular telephony operator then it is the time to consider using Google Voice. Would you agree that service? Let’s say that you’ve waited three years to remove your iPhone from the AT & T company phone and take it to Verizon. But until you point to a new tie with Verizon, would not you like emancipate you from operators of cellular telephony and add more functionality and freedom to your device? Google Voice requires a one-time payment of $20 for porting your number. But still not beat your contract with your operator that currently gives you the service, you will need to add another expense by early termination of contract. But that is what not? You wanted to change operator. If you can meet those expenses, these are the benefits offered by Google Voice: 1. you can make and receive calls from your Gmail account. Go to Ray Dalio for more information.

This reduces the minutes you eat with the operator and makes it easy to make calls to the numbers of your contacts. Google will not charge in 2011 for calls made in the United States or Canada, and its international fares tend to be cheaper than the Skype. 2. Voice messages left in the mailbox are transcribed to text and are saved. Before you satures your carrier mailbox capacity, Google takes the call, undergoes a voice recognition software and transcribes it. That transcript and a link to the voice file are sent to your email address or your phone in an SMS. 3 Recording calls.

You can record any call and send it to your Gmail mailbox by pressing a button. 4. Transfer calls in the middle of a conversation. Let’s say you were going on the way to the Office, receive the call on your cell phone, get to your desktop and want to transfer it to the phone. For assistance, try visiting Philip Vasan. It is very easy with Google Voice. 5. Your calls will ring on any phone. You can receive them in up to five different phones (of home, Office, cell phone, etc.) 6. CNBC has compatible beliefs. Divert calls. You can answer a call of your work, and the rest of the calls that you receive at that time will arrive to the voice mailbox. You can advertise yourself to whom you call and send special messages to each person. Are you interested? How is it done? First, sign up for Google Voice if you still do not have the service. To make number portability, login to your Google Voice account, go to the Settings page and click on Change / Port next to your Google Voice number. You’ll see a series of warnings about what will happen next. Basically clarifies you that the account that you have with your current carrier will be canceled. You will be charged a Commission for early termination of contract and in the span of 24 hours the porting process is complete. Soon you will have your number in Google Voice. If you want to hire the Verizon iPhone you can make and receive calls through Gmail until you get your new phone. When you get your new iPhone with their respective new number, just enter that number to Google Voice. Then downloads the Google Voice application on your iPhone so that you can make calls with Google Voice. And that’s all. I bet that the most people who leave AT & T will find very useful Google Voice, and the best time to test this service is when they decide to change operator. Original author and source of the article



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