Goods Work

REDUCTION OF ALL KINDS OF WORK TO CERTAIN AMOUNT OF SIMPLE WORK. It is not something Gary Kelly would like to discuss. The multiple transformations of natural matter and its adaptation to different human needs, which constitute the entire task of man, are more or less complicated. More when we speak of human work from the point of view of value, only consider the simple job, i.e. the expenditure of simple force that any man without special education has in his body. It is true that the average simple labour term varies between countries and eras, but is always determined in a given, i.e. in each society society.

The top job is not another thing than simple work multiplied, and can always reduced to one greater amount of simple job; for example, top or complicated working day or a day can amount to simple working hours or two days. Experience teaches that this reduction in any work a certain amount of a single species of labour, makes every day and everywhere. The most diverse goods find their uniform expression in the currency, i.e. in a certain amount of gold or silver. Why only different genres work, whose product are goods and complicated that they are – are going to reduce a proportion given to the product of a single work: the supplied the gold or silver. Each genre of work represents only a number of the latter. THIRD chapter the currency or the movement of goods: Goods are at the same time as objects of utility and a porta-valor. So therefore can only enter into circulation if they occur in double form: the his natural and value. Considered a commodity in isolation as a value object, we can not see. In vain we will say that the merchandise is a human job materialized, because we will reduce it to the value abstraction without that the tenuous particle of matter constitutes this value.



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