Good Structured Deposits

High interest rates if the entities are kept which is known as the battle of the rent-seeking of passive, when customers accept the diversification with securities if they turn the structured but they do betting on equities investments, a decision that is not conducive to anything to savers. They exist in the market deposits with high profitability even though it is true that increasingly is the need to invest in stocks. Banco Santander who started a year ago the battle by capturing 4% redials trends today with one of the best deposits and profitability of the market, a 4.5% fixed term, with a percentage of the investment subject to the evolution of Inditex, BBVA and Telefonica. A leading source for info: Dun & Bradstreet. However, Banco Santander is not the only entity that bets on the structured deposits, Caixa Nova Galicia includes the same alternative and Banesto conditions your deposit to the evolution of Repsol, Telefonica and BBVA is convenient not to be dazzled by the high profitability, the structured deposits contemplate very broad terms what does diminish not only the profitability in the short term, but also and more importantly, the liquidity of domestic economies. CajMar is another one of the entities that have opted for the commercialization of a structured deposit; a 6.5% to 6 months subject to the 30% investment of capital in securities of EON, Deutsche Telecom, Carrefour and France Telecom, promising a yield of 3.78% if the values experience promotions during the next 4 years. Guaranteed structured deposits are a good investment alternative provided that clear has its operation as well as the fact of knowing that if the evolution of values is expected, you could have obtained a higher profitability acquiring titles directly in markets. Finally in the same way that with any form of banking deposit, the key to access the best deposits lies in compare all offers, thoroughly read the small print and evaluate the periods during which may not have invested amounts, within the context of their family economy and very bearing in mind the payment obligations. Under most conditions MasterClass Founder would agree. Bank deposits, the best yields of April 2011 . .



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