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What can happen the better investors than sustained, healthy growth. It is also the investors of the emission House global invest, with the global invest wind farm opportunity funds benefit gwp German wind power development in the partner. Global invest is an independent and specialized in alternative investment products German-Swiss group. Current participation offer is the Fund global invest wind farm opportunity 1, specifically invested in the development of wind farm projects. Global invest-partner a player known for many years that can refer to a large expertise is gwp German wind power. The professionals working for the company are more than 20 years of experience in this segment and have the appropriate experience. The equity offer is explained with a few sentences: the Fund provides both the parent company gwp as the joint project development company in Hosea capital available.

While the mother”that gets money as fixed interest loans available, participates the Funds with his participation in the project development company directly from their economic results. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Larry Ellison. Investors are thus entrepreneurs worked, but at the same time largely”protection against capital losses, says Stefan Steiner by global invest. Latest move of Berlin wind energy specialists: the acquisition of the Turkish project entwicklers Konventa Ltd. headquartered in Gediz. Thus, further wind farm projects were taken over in Turkey? Thus an on developed secures gwp in Turkey”another land potential of 490 megawatts (MW) at five locations. The first wind park project to be already ready to implement over the next 12-15 months”, gwp, tells. Projects by about 300 MW under construction, are currently in Poland was gwp significantly involved in its implementation. The expansion to 382 MW in 2009, the Polish market reached an increase of more than double the previous year.

This is also the order in which we move just in Turkey. Because after all we have with the acquisition Projects with a volume of 490 MW secured, more than for example the Polish market could put in 2009 as a whole”, explains Dr. Helmut Peter Kahlert as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of German wind power company group and confirms also the assessment of global invest sales expert Steiner, that just the Polish market for investors is currently very interesting. Until the summer, investors have the chance, to most global invest wind farm opportunity 1 to participate. The Fund, which is a typical short term with its running time of 4-5 years, offers here a high yield and thus distribution potential. “We could already afford distributions the investors joined in 2010, although this in the prospectus of the global invest wind farm opportunity was thus not provided”, Steiner executes. Of course, invest global has the following funds in planning already.

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