Gifts From India

You're going on holiday or business trip? In India? This is – wonderful! India – an amazing, unique country. Maharaji and snake charmers, shining palaces and fragrant spices! To ride you probably preparing thoroughly, various print and electronic publications that tell about the sights of this fabulous country. And everything seems to be ready, everything for you and happy everyone asked to bring at least some (although very small! ") souvenir gift. That's where the question arises: "What do I bring from India?" I'll try to help you. Baby clothess opinions are not widely known. Let's start with what you know about India? Most, if they ask the question: "What are the things you associate India?", Will list: green tea, sari (well, some Indian woman can do without this amazing six-meter piece of fabric, which she deftly turns into a dress!), elephants, and, of course, your grandmother's movies (remember "Zita and Gita?) If you need to buy a gift to a woman, my advice – bring her sari (although you have to work hard, remembering all the phases of the complex process of winding:) If a girl – a creative person and she likes beautiful useless things, then it certainly will appreciate your gift. And if it is practical – a "flick of the wrist" sari becomes, for example, in the shade:) Do you want a sari – you can buy a piece of fabric: the Indian silk, cotton and wool well established in the world. Produce silk in Varanasi, Patna, Murshidabad, Surat and Kanchipuram. .



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