Germany Economic Development

Of the form as the Prussiano State in few years it was changedded of a structure industrially delayed into one of the main industrial powers of the Europe. Analyzing Germany Daily pay-Industrial and the elements that had propitiated the advance of this same industry. Words Key: Germany, German Industrialization, German Economic Development. Abstract: This study aims at quick reflection of the industrialization process of the regions nowadays called Germany.

By the way the Prussian State in few years has become from barks it industry into one of the major industries of all Europe. Analyzing the previous Germany industrial and the elements that propitiate the development of this industry.> Keywords: Germany, Germany Industrialization, Germany Economic Development. INTRODUCTION the German process of industrialization presents a great way of peculiarities that had been basic for the structure presented in the current days of the German industry. Such peculiarities alone had been possible, and had been also consequncias, due to structure politics that what today we know as the German State presented at the beginning of century XIX. This structure economic politics and that is characterized by the Prussiano State from century XVIII until the unification in 1871 under the guardianship of Otto Von Bismack, is what we will analyze in the first chapter of this text. From the unification and of the acceleration of the German industrial process, it is that Germany appears as great industrial power and its insertion in the international trade with bigger intensity backwards tona diverse consequncias politics that would be verified at the beginning of century XX. We will not enter in the merit of consequncias of this process of industrialization, our text will be restricted to the general aspects of industrialization, in view of, mainly, the participation of the State and the characteristic bases of the rising industry.



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