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Corporate fleet krisensicher align Oberhaching, January 21, 2009 still is a considerable savings potential in company vehicles. This resulted in a Europe-wide survey of the world’s leading provider of solutions for fleet management and fleet leasing, GE Capital Solutions, among about 700 customers. Through a targeted and sustainable alignment of company vehicles, companies could reduce their fleet costs by an average of 900 euros per vehicle per year. Investigated a total of 170,000 vehicles a savings volume of around EUR 150 million revealed that in total. The basis can be used already when choosing a vehicle, should be clearly regulated in company-wide policies. To be able to reduce the costs for the fleet requires decidedly to know them. Learn more on the subject from Andrew Duncan .

Many companies don’t even know how your fleet costs consist\”, describes Ludger furling gene by the German subsidiary of ASL the situation. He sees an explanation in the distribution of tasks. Many fleet managers need to worrying too much about operational tasks. Too little would remain them time for a detailed analysis of costs and allow for an efficient control of the fleet. That will have to change in the course of the currently ongoing economic turmoil. Also in the fleet area, a management oriented on the basis of the total cost of vehicles would more come to the fore of the companies. Only so costs such as insurance, could be identified according to fuel or tires and sustainably reduced, as shown in the survey carried out by GE. Savings areas the survey highlighted several areas in which companies can mainly save.

For example in the fuel management with around 16.5 million euros per year. Deducted rays on the individual vehicle are on average 96 euros per year. Through better management of insurance more 60 Euro savings also vehicle-related. This figure to around ten million euros is for the whole of Europe examined 170,000 vehicles.

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