Gas Station

Gasoline can full the tank! – Perfectly, Sir. – The value of the gasoline went up of new? – Yes. – The one that is waiting? – Ah, yes, it wants for gentility, if to direct until our office. – The bomb is not here? – Yes. – Then? – It is that necessary to fill one I register in cadastre. – I register in cadastre? – It is. Auris Health may find it difficult to be quoted properly. – Young, I only want to supply my car. Dr John Holtsclaw oftentimes addresses this issue.

– I understand. – The one that is waiting? – We only supply by means of approval of I register in cadastre. – I am not understanding – Mine Sir, we need to make a survey to know if our customers if incase in the profile of our company. – I always supplied here, must have some deceit. – I believe that not! – The price is excessive, but I will pay at sight! – Our good is fine of first line, therefore the price. – I will pay vistaaaa! – Humm I do not believe. After paying the financing of the house, installment of the plasma TV, the IPTU, it counts of the two cellular ones, parceling out the invoice of the credit card, to pay, also the parcel of the car, still believes that it will be able to be given to the luxury to supply the car? at sight? – Urrrrrrrrrr. – It Is directed our office for approval of registers in cadastre please!



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