While Cadiz is known for its beaches and warm weather, the truth is that the city has much more to offer. Gastronomy can be another motivation to visit the area, but no doubt the parks and gardens are another face of the city that really is worth seeing. One of the most important parks of Cadiz is the Genoves Park. Located in the extreme southwest of the city and next to the sea, it is surrounded by the ancient walls of the city. Inside you can see many arboreal and floral species of different origins, including a Centennial drago from the Canary Islands. The Park originated in late 18th century, and since then has represented a very pleasant green space to walk and rest on a bench in the shade of the trees. On the other hand stresses the Alameda Apodaca.

Mall consists of narrow baldosadas streets lined with lots of trees, interspersed with columns, they offer a very nice landscape. These streets form geometric patterns and in addition there are many banks, in the shadow of the trees, perfect for relaxing the hottest days. Even the smallest details are decorated, such as streetlights or sources. In the park there kiosk and bar so it is perfect to spend a Sunday morning, walking, reading the newspaper and taking an appetizer. We also find Varela’s gardens, an oasis of peace in the city. Rows of palms and other trees are small paths in which you will find banks, always sheltered from the Sun, to take a break.

The gardens of the Plaza Spain are also perfect to go for a walk. Small Earth paths lead to cobbled squares which in turn are surrounded by many trees and extensive plots of grass. These gardens are especially well lit, so even at dusk they are perfect to go for a walk. The HASDRUBAL Plaza gardens consist of narrow paved roads that lead to a round fountain, located just in the middle. In the surroundings there are plots of grass and trees of different species. Even so, perhaps the most characteristic element of these gardens are semi-arqueadas lampposts and iron sculptures. As you can see in Cadiz there are many parks and gardens, but the list doesn’t end here since you can also go to the Canaleja gardens or the gardens of Puerta de Tierra. Sure you already had enough reasons to visit Cadiz, but their parks and gardens can be one more.



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