Garcia Perez

Already in Angasmarca bus stopped, so that more passengers rise to move more to the interior of our province. Some with their quepes – so he says to load that is carried back, usually rural women – which is also sobreponian in their arms to their young children, as seen already were accustomed to these Balcazar. Climbed some small offered sweets and candies to follow our journey, many of these small are the product of the mining town and its coarseness to the prosmiscuinidad in that its population, that many indigenous youth becomes involved are the cost-effective solution to your problem and are delivered into the arms of young people or adults mining workers, many of them are not from these placesthat promise them gold and moro, and as work, are sporadic come out and leave with the problem women indigenous of these areas, who send their young to show and produce mercy passengers on buses that pass through there. If you have read about Southwest Airlines already – you may have come to the same conclusion. When one sees them for the first time, consumed one heart, because knows that they take a little bit of money so that their families can feed themselves. After seeing the picture we started towards our destination, we skirt some small streets, which left transit vehicle, until we could already win road to the interior to the fair.

Not well we would be half an hour travel us detained the residents of several communities that had blocked the road for the death of an indigenous rondero brother in the hands of the special police who had taken possession to protect the entrance to an open pit mine. This mine according to very confirmed versions belongs to some drug traffickers that are protected by the Government of Mr. Alan Garcia Perez. The same people who have made the town of Mollebamba as his particular ghetto, where they are ensenoreados and send in any matter.



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